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Conspiracy Theory: Big Brother

Conspiracy Theory: Big Brother



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Big Brother is watching and it's not who you think. Jesse Venturas investigation of government surveillance on its citizens tears the lid off a nationwide program that is thought to turn local businessmen and office workers into spies, snooping on their neighbors and ratting on their friends in exchange for information and special privileges from the FBI- including, some charge, a license to kill. 

Cast Members

Katherine Albrecht

Image of Katherine Albrecht

Katherine Albrecht

Katherine Albrecht is:

• A popular media commentator whose views have been featured in over 2,000 radio, television, and print news stories.

• A dynamic radio personality who has hosted the daily syndicated radio show "Uncovering the Truth with Katherine Albrecht" since early 2007. Her unique brand of knowledge, eloquence and irreverance, coupled with a passion for truth and freedom, have earned her a devoted listener following.

• Author or Co-Author of six books and videos, including the award-winning bestseller "Spychips: How major corporations and government plan to track your every move with RFID" and "The Spychips Threat: Why Christians should resist RFID and electronic surveillance."

• A highly effective privacy campaigner who combines thorough academic research, PR savvy, and social action to spotlight important privacy and freedom issues. Her efforts have brought major corporations to their knees, forcing them to renounce invasive plans to track and monitor the public. Katherine has spearheaded the worldwide movement against RFID tracking and implant technologies through boycotts, exposes, and street-level protests since 2003.

• A sought-after public speaker and privacy expert. Katherine has been invited to address the Federal Trade Commission, The Federal Reserve Bank, The European Commission, the Royal Society of London, The International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners, The International Civil Liberties Monitoring Group, The Privacy Commissioner of Canada, and the state legislatures of California, Washington, Arizona, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, Delaware, and Michigan, to name just a few. In 2006 Katherine was appointed by NH Governor John Lynch to serve as an expert member of that state's two-year RFID Study Commission.

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Conspiracy Theory: Big Brother

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