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Are the FBI, and CIA hurting Americans? - Ted Gunderson

Are the FBI, and CIA hurting Americans?



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Former Head of the FBI Los Angeles office tells first-hand how many of our Federal Government agencies have gone off-track. Protect yourself and your family with foreknowledge! 

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Ted Gunderson

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Ted Gunderson

Ted Gunderson has spent a healthy 55 years of his life in federal law enforcement and in his own professional private investigations business to try---as best he could---to make this world a better and safer place. His credentials are provided on his web site >>> CLICK HERE <<<. After providing this nation 27 years of dedicated service as a federal law enforcement officer, Ted retired from the FBI in 1979 where he performed as 'Senior Special Agent in Charge' of the Los Angeles Division Office. He had 700 federal agents and employees under his command at the Los Angeles FBI office and a 22 million dollar annual budget. Having an invincible spirit and patriotic love of his country and the American people, Ted Gunderson is the highest ranking and most courageous former federal law enforcement officer ever to stand up and expose the crime and corruption he's uncovered in government! In obedience to clearly established law and with righteous intent, Ted has done everything he can to expose... >>> the growing Fascistoid police state; >>> rogue federal agencies and officials---including rogues within the new FBI, the DOJ, the NSA, the Pentagon and especially, the CIA, a corrupt organized crime syndicate involved in narcotics trafficking into the United States, assassinations and domestic and foreign terrorism; >>> the dangerous and growing satanic cult movement; especially that element therein that is being used by the CIA to perpetrate felony crime and domestic and foreign covert operations. Ted is an expert in this subject matter. >>> the New World Order and its treasonous agenda to destroy America and our national sovereignty; >>> the diabolical "Illuminati" international crime syndicate; >>> crimes against women and children---with a special interest in exposing the plight of America's missing children and rescuing them from satanic cults, pedophile and prostitution syndicates; ...and other outrageous felony crime he has discovered as a private investigator over the course of the last 28 years. Ted Gunderson has experienced no less than 6 assassination attempts, the most recent of which landed him in an intensive care unit in a Las Vegas, Nevada hospital after he was poisoned. Ted believes his life was saved each time by Divine Intervention. He remains a "federal victim- witness" who is supposed to be protected under our laws---yet rogue officials in the U.S. government continue to unlawfully refuse to investigate Ted's meritorious criminal complaints or to protect him from his stalkers and attackers.

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